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About Us

Company’s history goes back to 1952 when it was founded by Mr. Barakat Munawer Al-Nahar who began his career as an officer in the Jordanian customs in the forties of the last century. In 1952 Mr. Barakat started his business with the company that is named Al-Maktab Al-Ordouni before founding the company Ittikal for Transportation and Clearance (ITC) in 1970.
Now the company is run by engineer Mazen Barakat Al-Nahar since 1997 who completed his education in the United States and graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1984, completing his studies from the Faculty of Engineering, majoring in Industrial Engineering.

Mr. Mazen started his career Work with the Royal Jordanian Airlines and then worked in Saudi Arabia with Saudi Arabian Airlines. In 1992 Engineer Mazen joined ITC as a Deputy General Manager.


We are Ittikal Transportation and Clearance company (ITC), a Jordanian company that provides logistics services in all around the world, our company was re-established in 1970 by the founder Mr. Barakat Al-Nahar under customs clearing No. 42.

We have grown rapidly to be one of the most confidence in dealing in terms of doing clearance for all goods, including vehicles and food.
We are experts in customs and logistics services for all types of goods and the fact that the company and a leading agent in the Middle East in the Freight Forwarding, where we have close relations with logistics companies all over the world including the U.S, Europe, Asia and Middle East Our mission is to provide quality and efficient work through a talented employees who deal with the public and private sector in all transparency and professionalism.

Why Us

1. Our team is experienced in dealing with customs clearance.

2. Offer all customs clearance services under one roof

3. Offer customs clearance service, 24-hour a week.

4. With valuable experience in this field and a good reputation, ways to provide feedback to the satisfaction of our customers and the development of the extent of their affiliation to us through the provision of acceptable prices and expert advice, as well as in percentage ability to deal with inquiries at first contact.


Customer Satisfaction

We have helped our unwavering commitment to provide superior service and transparency in the work, to achieve maximum satisfaction of our customers has enabled us to our trade relations with them from the following:

- To become the most preferred choice among customers

- Address the full customs clearance services

- Create the largest number of customer base satisfied us