Our Services

ITTIKAL Main Tasks

• Customs clearance in all its customs branches in Amman Customs, Aqaba Port, Queen Alia Airport and Al-Zarqa Free Zone Customs (air, sea, land).

• International Packing and Shipping Services (air, sea, land).

• Pledge to rid all types of incoming and outgoing goods, transit, temporary admission and all kinds of transactions.

• Incoming and outgoing Land Transport in Jordan and abroad.

• Cargo insurance in Jordan and abroad.

• Local Transportation services from the port, sea and air to any place inside Jordan and vice versa.


ITTIKAL Services in Customs Clearance

- Provide guidance and counseling services pre-and after shipping.

- Contact and follow up with various government institutions.

- Procedures for authentication, and dealing with official documents.

- Carry out all formalities and ratifications following the charging process.

- Handle all types of freight bills according to different types of charts to be determined by the government from time to time.

- Knowledge of all international conventions and presented to the client in the case applied to the goods and the interest of his interest in the work.

- Provide a service for tracking containers in the port of Aqaba from the time they arrive.

- Determine the type of goods using the Harmonized System and determine its clauses for the purposes of determining the proportion of fee tariff implications of the imported goods as a basis for national tariff schedules.


Consulting Services

• Provide all customs-related business consulting.

• Associated with the provision of the sales tax consulting.

• Provide consultancy related to investment in Jordan.

• Resolve all issues and customs and tax obstacles.

• Help customers to develop and grow their business by offering services that provide them with less effort and shorten their time.

• Rehabilitate the client to obtain accurate and detailed legal information they need easily and fast.

• Provide advice and guidance to individuals and companies to be able to apply the tax laws and regulations on the optimal proper planning.

• Auditing customs import data and retrieve updated error or increase fees for legal entitlement responded customs secretariats.

• Provide you with the right annotations in tariff lines.